Budgeting for Beginners

Getting started with you household budget. Budgeting towards needs and goals. One of the objectives of creating a household budget is that, as time moves on and the various household members advance in their careers, they are likely to make more money. Knowing where that money goes can help direct that money to not only […]

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Making a Charitable Contribution

There are benefits and limitations when you decide to donate stock. Why sell shares when you can gift them? If you have appreciated stocks in your portfolio, you might want to consider donating those shares to charity rather than selling them. Why, exactly? Donating appreciated securities to a tax-exempt charity may allow you to manage […]

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Saving Early & Letting Time Work for You

The earlier you start pursuing financial goals, the better your outcome may be. As a young investor, you have a powerful ally on your side: time. When you start investing in your twenties or thirties for retirement, you can put it to work for you. The effect of compounding is huge. Many people underestimate it, […]

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Business Continuity Plans

Prepare now to better protect your business in the future.Prepare now to better protect your business in the future. As a business owner, you’ve worked hard for your success. The long hours, the difficult decisions, and the sacrifices you have made have led to where you are today. The last thing you want is to […]

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A Stock Market Lesson to Remember

Confidence can quickly erode, but it can also quickly emerge. Undeniably, spring 2020 has tried the patience of investors. An 11-year bull market ended. Key economic indicators went haywire. Household confidence was shaken. The Standard & Poor’s 500, the equity benchmark often used as shorthand for the broad stock market, settled at 2,237.40 on March […]

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Details on the Tax Deadline Extension

The I.R.S. is giving you three additional months to file and pay. The Internal Revenue Service knows that many taxpayers have had a stressful spring. So, it has reset the federal tax deadline. You now have until July 15 to file your 1040 form. July 15 is also the deadline to pay any federal taxes […]

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FAQs About the 2020 Stimulus Checks

Answers to some frequently asked questions. The federal government is providing a little economic relief to many taxpayers. The Internal Revenue Service is sending millions of Economic Impact Payments – or as they are commonly called, stimulus checks – to households. Here are some facts to know about these payments. Keep in mind: this article […]

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Coronavirus & More

The 24-Hour News Cycle moves from Impeachment to COVID-19 to the Primaries – What’s next? In recent weeks, we’ve seen several major stories in the news. On the political front, in addition to the arrival of the presidential election through the 2020 caucuses and primaries, we have just experienced the third presidential impeachment in American […]

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