Lifestyle Newsletter – July 2020

What Will the New Workplaces Look Like? – Open offices and co-working spaces, once so admired for their informality and egalitarian quality, may be out. More traditional floor plans may make a quick comeback, thanks to new CDC guidelines, which also advise companies to encourage physical distance and driving to work. The Chances of Totally […]

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Lifestyle Newsletter – May 2020

What Foods Should You Keep on Hand During Quarantine? – The most versatile, healthful foods you can keep on hand and get the most out of during quarantine. When Plans Change – Almost 50% of people leave the workforce earlier than planned. Is Handshaking “Canceled”? – Is the tradition over? Recipe of the Month – […]

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Lifestyle Newsletter – April 2020

Accentuate the positive – Recent studies have linked several health benefits to optimism. Is it a hobby or a business? – If your pastime generates income, some things to consider. Travel insurance in the age of coronavirus – What will you do in case of a cancellation or illness? Recipe of the Month – Cauliflower […]

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Lifestyle Newsletter – March 2020

Can a Quick Online Curriculum Open Doors to New Jobs and Careers? – In the world of continuing education, could online microcredentials soon create paths for Gen Xers and baby boomers to change careers or jobs without taking on more college debt? Comparing College Aid Offers – It would be nice if schools sent families […]

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