Long-Term Care April 2, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

You’ve worked hard to prepare for your retirement, but are your finances and family protected if you are diagnosed with a critical, chronic or terminal long-term care need?

My Planning Process April 2, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

How does our process work? We first look at what you have currently saved and what you would like to receive in retirement income. From there, we determine if we can develop a strategy that provides more benefits with less risk.

Reducing Taxes in Retirement April 2, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

Do you think every dollar and cent counts in retirement? If so, it makes sense to take action now and make sure your hard-earned money stays in your pocket instead of going into Uncle Sam’s wallet.

Income for Life – Annuities April 2, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

Do you worry about running out of money in retirement? If you do, you’re like most people. What is more important than worrying abut running out of money in retirement is answering this simple question – would you take action if you found out there was a way to make sure you had a continuous income source for the rest of your life?

Will You Have Enough to Retire? April 2, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

Will you have enough money to retire? You can find your answer with a simple math problem.

Average vs. Actual Returns April 2, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

If you’re saving any money in the market, you’re probably familiar with the idea of average returns. That’s what most mutual funds, stock brokers and even the new anchors talk about.

If I told you that you could put $10,000 into an opportunity that would earn an average 25% return over a four-year period, would you consider it?

Market Volatility April 2, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

Ongoing market volatility can dramatically impact your retirement savings. How much of your money do you want for retirement? Some of it? All of it? None of it? Why do some people store money where they only get some of it or none of it?

Why IUL? April 2, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

With ongoing tax uncertainty and market volatility, people are continually looking for better ways to protect their families and prepare for retirement. Properly funded and structured indexed universal life (IUL) policies can help protect you from future tax increases. Watch the video below to learn more about IUL policies.

Retirement: Are You Ready? February 28, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

When people hear the word retirement, it can invoke pleasant thoughts for some. But for many, it can be a word that may cause apprehension. This 7-minute video asks the question – are you ready for retirement?

Qualified Plans February 28, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

Qualified plans are tax deferred savings accounts sanctioned by the Federal Government. This 10-minute video discusses qualified plans such as your 401(k), IRA, SEP and simple retirement accounts.