Your Circle of Wealth February 28, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

There is one thing we all have in common when it comes to our circle of wealth and that is we want it to grow. This 5-minute video touches on how to win the financial game.

Mortgages February 28, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

People ultimately make decisions based on what they believe to be true, not necessarily what is true. This 16-minute video will help you separate fact from fiction so you can learn how to pay off your home in the fastest, safest manner possible.

10 Minute Lesson: Life Insurance February 28, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

Life insurance should be considered a “want” product. You decide what you “want” to happen, then it can be determined how much coverage it will take to provide the protection you “want”. Not familiar with the protection and benefits life insurance has to offer? This 10-minute video lesson breaks it down.

Club vs. Swing February 28, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

For those of us who play, there is nothing greater than the game of golf. Statistics show there are over 60 million golfers in the world today. Of those, less than 5% will ever break a round score of 80. Unfortunately, the percent of people who are financially secure is somewhere in that same 5% range as well. It’s amazing how many similarities there are between the game of golf and our money. This 12-minute video takes a look at them.

Private Reserve Strategy February 28, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

It’s been said that compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world and it could be the one thing that has the most to do with your financial success or failure. A fundamental premise of compound interest is that it works best over time and without interruption. This 12-minute video discusses the private reserve strategy and how it may give you insight to maximize the power of compound interest.

Your Bank February 28, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

When you think about the most powerful bank in the world, you probably think about a global banking institution. But that’s not the most powerful bank in the world. Neither is a local bank like the one in your neighborhood. No, the most powerful bank in the world is actually your bank. This 8-minute video takes a look at how your bank refers more to a financial position than the brick and mortar building where you do your conventional banking.

College Funding February 28, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

Many parents are recognizing that they are ill-prepared for the financial commitment that most higher education pursuits will require. Your kids are ready for college – this 4-minute video poses the question, are you?

Personal Economic ModelĀ® February 28, 2018 by Todd A. Gaswick

The Personal Economic Model® is a visual picture illustrating the flow of money. Money, like other areas of life, works best when in balance. This 7-minute video shows the flow of money from a different perspective than perhaps you have ever seen.